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Table with prompts:

001. Fairy lights. 002. Breath. 003. Celebrations. 004. Love. 005. Feathers.
006. Black and White. 007. Music. 008. Chocolate. 009. Insomnia. 010. A jade Necklace.
011. Children. 012. Jealousy. 013. Shadows. 014. Romance. 015. A picnic.
016. Phobia. 017. Milk. 018. Writhe. 019. Pain. 020. Grapes.
021. Fear. 022. Yellow. 023. Lie. 024. Beauty. 025. A glas of wine.
026. Addict. 027. Feline. 028. Restraint. 029. Soul. 030. Rope.
031. Sent away. 032. Blood. 033. Surprise. 034. Apples. 035. A blind date.
036. Shy. 037. Lasagna and cheesecake. 038. Outsides. 039. Mine. 040. A trail of rose leaves.
041. Fury. 042. Pie. 043. Third. 044. Droop. 045. Ghost.
046. One day at the time. 047. Perform. 048. Listlessly. 049. Lie in. 050. Under the radar.
051. Fancy. 052. Nightmare. 053. Bonus Writer‘s Choice. 054. Bonus Writer‘s Choice. 055. Bonus Writer‘s Choice.
100_colours table
Claim: Natsume Yuu Jin-Chou (General Series)

001. Red. 002. Pink. 003. Blue. 004. Orange. 005. Violet.
006. Green. 007. Lime. 008. White. 009. Black. 010. Gray.
011. Lavander. 012. Mahogany. 013. Lemon. 014. Mauve. 015. Lilac.
016. Coral. 017. Peach. 018. Brown. 019. Tan. 020. Golden.
021. Avocado. 022. Wedgewood. 023. Jade. 024. Turquoise. 025. Dandelion.
026. Cranberry. 027. Cream. 028. Plum. 029. Tangerine. 030. Sky.
031. Salmon. 032. Topaz. 033. Cornflower. 034. Garnet. 035. Olive.
036. Rose. 037. Emerald 038. Tropical Rain Forest. 039. Aqua. 040. Khaki.
041. Forest. 042. Mocha. 043. Beige. 044. Apricot. 045. Dusty Rose.
046. Pine. 047. Pewter. 048. Seagreen. 049. Straw. 050. Pumpkin.
051. Raspberry. 052. Grape. 053. Rosewood. 054. Cocoa. 055. Magenta.
056. Yellow. 057. Bittersweet. 058. Blue Violet. 059. Blue Green. 060. Carnation.
061. Maroon. 062. Melon. 063. Orchid. 064. Wisteria. 065. Fuchsia.
066. Thistle. 067. Chestnut. 068. Sepia. 069. Mulberry. 070. Asparagus.
071. Bronze. 072. Wild Strawberry. 073. Royal Purple 074. Almond. 075. Canary.
076. Fern. 077. Blush. 078. Eggplant. 079. Scarlet. 080. Indigo.
081. Mango. 082. Jazzberry. 083. Purple. 084. Midnight. 085. Periwinkle.
086. Copper. 087. Goldenrod. 088. Navy. 089. Mint. 090. Carrot.
091. Robin's Egg. 092. Tumbleweed. 093. Cotton Candy. 094. Sand. 095. Silver.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.

01. Urgency 02. Confessions 03. Face Fucking 04. Unresolved Sexual Tension 05. Gentleness
06. Claiming 07. Slow/Drawn Out Sex 08. Nipple Play 09. Playing Hard To Get 10. Physical Responses
mission_insane prompt tables

Claim: Devil May Cry

Claim: Legend of Zelda

Dec. 18th, 2012

Claim: Conrart Weller

001. Beginnings. 002. Middles. 003. Ends. 004. Firsts. 005. Friends.
006. Hours. 007. Days. 008. Weeks. 009. Months. 010. Years.
011. Lovers. 012. Strangers. 013. Love. 014. Too Much. 015. Not Enough.
016. Simple. 017. Complicated. 018. Accident. 019. Addicted. 020. Smell.
021. Sound. 022. Touch. 023. Taste. 024. Sunrise. 025. Sunset.
026. Breakfast. 027. Lunch. 028. Dinner. 029. Vacation. 030. Date.
031. Time. 032. Birthday. 033. Thanksgiving. 034. Christmas. 035. Valentine.
036. Secrets. 037. Hurt. 038. Threesome. 039. Kink. 040. Lies.
041. Passion. 042. Hidden. 043. Confession. 044. Discovery. 045. Truth.
046. Betrayal. 047. Dream. 048. Nightmare. 049. Lost. 050. Emotion.
051. Epiphany. 052. Sex. 053. Denial. 054. Jealousy. 055. Greed.
056. Lust. 057. Hands. 058. Lips. 059. Kiss. 060. Crush.
061. Winter. 062. Spring. 063. Summer. 064. Fall. 065. Anniversaries.
066. Romantic. 067. Union. 068. Afraid. 069. Safe. 070. Protection.
071. Broken. 072. Fixed. 073. Heat. 074. Night. 075. Shade.
076. Who? 077. What? 078. Where? 079. When? 080. Why?
081. How? 082. If. 083. And. 084. He. 085. Them.
086. Choices. 087. Life. 088. Fight. 089. Work. 090. Home.
091. Peace. 092. Bedroom. 093. Gentle. 094. Independence. 095. New Year.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.

Claim: Yuuri Shibuya

001. Romance. 002. Beauty. 003. Forgiveness. 004. Regret. 005. Discovery.
006. First Meeting. 007. Hardest Truth. 008. Resolutions. 009. Anything. 010. Home.
011. Intimacy. 012. Self-Love. 013. Kisses. 014. Frustration. 015. Pressure.
016. Absurd. 017. Forbidden. 018. Honesty. 019. Grace. 020. Laughter.
021. Confidence. 022. Happiness. 023. Sexy. 024. Tears. 025. Growth.
026. Sensuality. 027. Faith. 028. Night. 029. Day. 030. Innocence.
031. Music. 032. Water. 033. Love. 034. Ambiguity. 035. Act.
036. Whew. 037. Anger. 038. Dirt. 039. Trust. 040. Heat.
041. Summer Love. 042. Patience. 043. Opportunity. 044. Death. 045. Passion.
046. Healing. 047. Life. 048. Joy. 049. Freedom. 050. Bliss.
051. Dreams. 052. Kinky. 053. Haunted. 054. Emergence. 055. Transmogrify.
056. Magnetic. 057. Surreal. 058. Passage. 059. Lush. 060. Could Have.
061. Would Have. 062. Should Have. 063. Hunger. 064. Need. 065. Want.
066. Take. 067. Have. 068. Mine. 069. Yours. 070. Lubricious.
071. Lugubrious. 072. Perspective. 073. Capering. 074. Empathy. 075. Sympathy.
076. Mirth. 077. Almost. 078. Always. 079. Surprise. 080. Warmth.
081. Heartache. 082. Ghosts. 083. Break-Up. 084. Make-Up. 085. Diary.
086. Voice. 087. Biggest Fear. 088. Warning. 089. Everything. 090. Nothing.
091. Failure. 092. Success. 093. Glimpse. 094. Sanctuary. 095. Picture.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.


Dec. 18th, 2012

sex standing up flirting courting & dating coming quickly restraints feminine terms for males sexual experience/ expertise gayness telepathy
going native submission cuddling abduction as seduction make up/ nail polish on men sex with clothes on big men dominance & submission oral fixation/ fetishization
love/hate relationships crush/ unrequited love ice princesses/ snow queens teasing/ tickling paraphilias (other) intercrurcal/ interfemoral sex hero/sidekick pairings clothes fetishization heroes
competence cock/ball torture foreplay powers of attraction gags fake rake childlike characteristics body painting gentleness
witnesses voyeurism & vision themes tattoos closeted partners WILD CARD discipline/ punishment conflicts & challenges ensembles sixty-nine
restraints (full-body) bad girls forced orgasm otherness & outsiders condoms blood ass play/ fetishization masturbation bottoming
toys & devices abuse fish out of water blindness fuck or die bruises & other wounds knives & knife play sexual appetite/ excess brothels
ust humiliation female genital fetishization bondage ropework medical scenarios & fetishization castration drugs impotence
age differences secret admirers anal plugs cross dressing swallowing heroic gestures endearments triangles aristocracy
  1. family pictures
  2. bait & switch
  3. scenario: mutiny
  4. you are what you eat
  5. style: diary
  6. summer people
  7. genre: mystery
  8. proverb: The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  9. location: Antarctica
  10. event: The Blitz
  11. "Bad Reputation" -Joan Jett
  12. end line: "He grabbed her ass with his good hand and gave a squeeze." from Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA, Ellen Meister (story must end with this line)
  13. genre: fluff
  14. poem: Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou
  15. "You're going to need a bigger boat." -Jaws
  16. quote: "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, that's all who ever have. -Margaret Mead
  17. lies
  18. emotion: anxiety
  19. "I started strong, the firstborn of identical twin boys, leading my reluctant brother out into the world by seven minutes flat, give or take a moment to suspend my infant's disbelief in the delivery room." from An Underachiever's Diary, Benjamin Anastas
  20. fill in the blank: One Flew Over the ______
  21. satellite
  22. author's choice
  23. author's choice
  24. author's choice
Title: Untitled
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Character/Pairing: Lady, Dante/Nero
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Summary: Lady has a job that the boys don't want.

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1. The vacuum of time.
2. Terror in the night.
3. Flashes of euphoria.
4. Dancing with the devil.
5. Fatal accident.
6. Haunting melody.
7. Black ice.
8. Breathtaking reality.
9. Sensation of loss.
10. Shooting star.
11. Broken spirit.
12. Central power.
13. Left behind.
14. Unguarded touch.
15. Last time.
16. Dying sun.
17. Devastating explosion.
18. Alone in a crowd.
19. Fragmented truths.
20. Gaping chasm.
21. Arise from the ashes.
22. What lies beyond forever./?
23. Remember me.
24. Flash of lightning.
25. Suffer the agony.
26. Immortal laughter.
27. A whisper on the wind.
28. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
29. The calm before the storm.
30. A life of lies.
31. The winds of change.
32. The hand of fate.
33. Desperate plea.
34. Nightmare.
35. Bound by iron.
36. Caught in the act.
37. Sensual command.
38. Close your eyes.
39. Beyond the horizon.
40. Finality.
41. And it is beautiful.
42. Lie to me.
43. Tarnished.
44. I covet you.
45. Caress the darkness, kiss the light.
46. Screaming silence.
47. One dream, one lifetime.
48. Fleeting flame.
49. Gasping confession.
50. Betrayal.

51. Uncontrollable wrath.
52. Dragons in the shadows.
53. Natural disaster.
54. Leap of faith.
55. Faceless and nameless.
56. Harsh revelation.
57. A path to follow.
58. The power of goodbye.
59. Through a child's eyes.
60. One final look back.
61. Smoldering heart.
62. Ignored instinct.
63. Seductive danger.
64. Jumbled truths.
65. Shallow grave.
66. Why they call it falling.
67. Volcano.
68. Dying land.
69. A child's truth.
70. Fire and storm.
71. Chained to mortality.
72. Dim as an ember.
73. Acid tears.
74. Unexpected emptiness.
75. Miraculous relief.
76. Letting go.
77. What Earth once was.
78. Frantic search.
79. Tragic moment.
80. Beneath the smiles.
81. Across the worlds.
82. In the still of the night.
83. Counting years.
84. How you suffered for your sanity.
85. Surrender to despair.
86. Ring of sunlight.
87. Creaking cold.
88. Serenity incarnate.
89. Beloved sin.
90. Enfold your heart in mine.
91. Shard of honor.
92. Horrific distortion.
93. Miraculous ruin.
94. Leap into my arms.
95. Bewildered madness.
96. Ravenous time.
97. Approaching doom.
98. Eternal danger.
99. Vacant arch.
100. Recoil.

101. Intentional suffering.
102. Urban legend.
103. Gentle warmth.
104. Rippling tide.
105. Fallen haze.
106. That's all I ask of you.
107. Think of me.
108. Promise me.
109. A white rose.
110. Weary wanderer.
111. Ghost of a rose.
112. Fire.
113. Enchanting surrender.
114. Cowering sunrise.
115. Deliverance.
116. Resisting temptation.
117. Leaves of amber.
118. A shining road that leaves me all alone.
119. Heart of a child.
120. Don't scream.
121. Kiss the hand that feeds you.
122. Mysterious stranger.
123. One heart, one breath.
124. The truth about forever.
125. Ragged hunger.
126. Don't look away.
127. Lost soul.
128. Wandering spirit.
129. Touched by an angel.
130. Shattered reflections.
131. For the sake of sin.
132. Ripple effect.
133. Don't you dare.
134. You can't do that!
135. There will always be a monster.
136. Intimate embrace.
137. It's too late.
138. Cabin by the sea.
139. Guardian.
140. Amusingly inconsequential.
141. Unbroken illusion.
142. Stealth forsaken.
143. Of blood and honor.
144. As the wind kindles the fire.
145. Mysterious memories.
146. A song of sweet forgiveness.
147. Resonating hunger.
148. Relinquished radiance.
149. Transcendent joy.
150. Silent watcher.

151. When eyes believe in mysteries.
152. To love a storm.
153. Sweet nothings.
154. Unfinished tale.
155. Endless night.
156. Suffocating silence.
157. You must hold what you cannot keep.
158. You must fear what you cannot know.
159. You must fear what you cannot speak.
160. Ancient willow.
161. Off the map.
162. Deserted riverbank.
163. You must sow what you cannot reap.
164. A walk along the shore.
165. A valley of echoes.
166. Purity.
167. Fire and ash.
168. Secret bonding.
169. A time for tenderness.
170. Sleeping storm.
171. Islands in the sky.
172. Unheeded warning.
173. Battling oblivion.
174. Spellbound.
175. Blameless.
176. Tempting enigma.
177. Compassion's shadow.
178. Gently stirring.
179. I hate love.
180. Irresistible coercion.
181. No excuses offered.
182. Tumbling clouds.
183. Blue mists.
184. When history repeats itself.
185. Seek and find.
186. Memories unfurling in the mind.
187. Nothing lost, nothing gained.
188. Delicious tragedy.
189. The in between.
190. Into the river.
191. You're only sleeping.
192. What can you see?
193. Calling you home.
194. Into the world of night.
195. Somewhere.
196. Lamentation.
197. The moment.
198. Suddenly.
199. Childhood's end.
200. Broken weapon.

201. Gazing upon the sky with dampened eyes.
202. Vast horizons.
203. Entrapment.
204. Quaking knees.
205. Memory of a dream.
206. Dangerous illusion.
207. In the hands of a child.
208. Outrageous superstitions.
209. Guilty morals.
210. Fragile as a dream
211. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
212. Portal.
213. Fall from grace.
214. Balance of power.
215. Out of sight, out of mind.
216. Diamond in the rough.
217. The essence of life.
218. No hope was left in sight.
219. Desire, ask, believe, receive.
220. A fate worse than death.
221. The razor's edge.
222. Reach for the stars.
223. Touch me.
224. Unrequited.
225. Perhaps they never will.
226. Laughter forbidden.
227. Starved for affection.
228. Between a rock and a hard place.
229. No man is an island.
230. Vengeance.
231. Rough hands.
232. Mystery.
233. After tonight.
234. Farewell.
235. And the edges blur.
236. One thousand promises.
237. A broken sensitivity.
238. A curling shadow.
239. A darker pride.
240. A deluge of dancers.
241. To carry you along.
242. A four leaf clover.
243. A golden shield.
244. A love remembered.
245. A lustful lie.
246. A magical time.
247. Down the silent river.
248. With Heaven's love at stake and hell to pay.
249. Worth losing you forever.
250. A story never to be told.

251. All sorts of complicated.
252. The tears of God.
253. Alone I crumble.
254. Defying gravity.
255. No one mourns the wicked.
256. Die alone.
257. Asleep at dawn.
258. Heart's assassin.
259. Based on a dream.
260. Once upon a December.
261. Before the next tear falls.
262. The beginning of goodbye.
263. A lonely tomorrow.
264. Beneath the blue.
265. Better left unsaid.
266. Thoroughly ravished.
267. Beyond the universe.
268. Black and white.
269. Blood and moon.
270. Blood feud.
271. Bribing the Devil.
272. Broken promises.
273. False gold.
274. By midnight's favor.
275. By the light of a million stars.
276. Castles in the sky.
277. Catastrophe in the making.
278. Creeping nightmare.
279. Crimson bloom.
280. Crown of ivy.
281. Call of the wild.
282. Darkness becomes you.
283. Dawn of night.
284. Dawning upon a crimson ruin.
285. To flatter death.
286. Demon tongue.
287. And it is terrible.
288. Fighting destiny.
289. Burning star.
290. Do you remember the end?
291. Oath bound.
292. When innocence meets its death.
293. Tossing pennies to the moon.
294. Soul's surrender.
295. Edge of sanity.
296. Candy-coated dreams.
297. Equinox rising.
298. Ethereal.
299. Swelter.
300. Exquisite and unforgivable.

301. Face down I cry.
302. Fallen fae.
303. Light step.
304. Faery-eyed child.
305. Slow burn.
306. A childhood dream.
307. Fields of dust.
308. Final breath.
309. Reaching for eternity.
310. Flames of twilight.
311. For the child I will sing.
312. Serenade the sea.
313. Lost beginning.
314. Forgotten, not forgiven.
315. Fractured reality.
316. Fragile heart.
317. Angels among us.
318. Haunting lonely pools.
319. Portrait in black.
320. Approaching Flood.
321. Cloak of darkness.
322. Wandering hidden paths.
323. Twilight's selfish shade.
324. The tattered, the torn.
325. Invisible defender.
326. Dashed against a rock.
327. I miss who you were.
328. Kisses of a night terror.
329. Two days from now.
330. I wish upon tonight.
331. Tragic sin.
332. If looks could kill.
333. Illuminated darkness.
334. Speak softly to the eastern wind.
335. Shatter the moon.
336. Unfathomable truth.
337. Shackles of the mind.
338. Growing fonder.
339. A time to grieve.
340. Fire in your eyes.
341. Tales of long ago.
342. Crave.
343. Whisper of the wind.
344. Hold still, I'm trying to kill you.
345. Breath of the devil.
346. The innocent can never last.
347. Too wide to cross.
348. Desperate times, desperate measures.
349. Beautiful friendship.
350. In the shade of a Sycamore.

351. Samhain.
352. Midsummer.
353. Intoxicating.
354. Island of light.
355. It ends tonight.
356. Quarter moon.
357. Night of fire.
358. Knowledge in death, wisdom in immortality.
359. Harbor.
360. White wings.
361. A beacon of hope.
362. Like shattered glass.
363. Killing moon.
364. Bless the union.
365. Only by candlelight.
366. Silent sentry.
367. Beyond the shattered pane.
368. To lose what wasn't yours.
369. Blood and tears.
370. Lost island.
371. Garden path.
372. Mint and lilac.
373. Fountains of roses.
374. Mother Earth's last stand.
375. To say goodbye.
376. Horizon's meeting.
377. Breathtaking innocence.
378. Perilous stranger.
379. Lost in dreams.
380. Iron gate.
381. Crystal statue.
382. Treachery runs deep.
383. Warped.
384. Disenchanted.
385. Laughing at the moon.
386. Blind-sided.
387. Future's past.
388. Supernova.
389. Whispers in the dark.
390. Letters from nowhere.
391. The one no one sees.
392. You are everything.
393. Passionate desires.
394. Remnants of darkness.
395. The bitterness of mortality.
396. Too much to hold.
397. Sit with me.
398. You raise me up.
399. Miracle.
400. Trusting soul.

401. Twilight surrender.
402. When love turns to hate.
403. Lost and alone.
404. When the river runs dry.
405. Lapping at the shores of sleep.
406. Landing among the stars.
407. Touch the moon.
408. When stillness descends.
409. On the brink of forever.
410. Clinging to the edge of control.
411. Abandoned resistance.
412. Life companion.
413. Heart within the eyes.
414. When forever fades away.
415. Grave acceptance.
416. Over the rainbow.
417. Falling from a cloud.
418. Time and space.
419. Sunrise upon a soul.
420. Prisms of a fragmented whole.
421. Unexplored cavern.
422. Disembodied voices.
423. Dancing beneath the moon.
424. Alighting on the water.
425. Gliding on glass.
426. A tale rewritten.
427. Exiled child.
428. Sacrificed child.
429. I'll try violence.
430. Who named the stars?
431. Mysterious beyond.
432. Ocean's tears.
433. Siren's song.
434. Sea bed.
435. Living nightmare.
436. Bound by silence.
437. A twinkle in the night.
438. A waking slumber.
439. A soul divided.
440. Speak not the secret you bear.
441. Abandoned by fate.
442. A far green country.
443. Attacked by a dream.
444. Caressed by a nightmare.
445. The ravages of time.
446. Ancient tale.
447. Faces in the clouds.
448. Ripped apart.
449. From better to worse.
450. The space between.

451. Look beyond.
452. Edge of the knife.
453. A human voice.
454. Dream the impossible.
455. Forgotten roads.
456. Petals on the wind.
457. A bitter pill.
458. Another fine mess.
459. The life inside.
460. Still crossroads.
461. Frozen bridges.
462. Fear of the fall.
463. Dear heart.
464. Severed tension.
465. A child's path.
466. Imitation of life.
467. Behind the mirror.
468. Through the fire.
469. Echoes of bondage.
470. Freedom in chains.
471. Last regrets.
472. Unheard of.
473. Hidden tales.
474. Disowned.
475. Frozen fire.
476. White shores.
477. Lights out.
478. Liquid sunset.
479. Silver glass.
480. When words fail.
481. A death of a thousand screams.
482. Those who do not remember the past.
483. When laughter's lost in peaceful silence.
484. The sands of time.
485. When death's lips left mine.
486. Cataclysm.
487. Messenger.
488. When worlds collide.
489. A mortal's forever.
490. When tomorrows run out.
491. You pick!
492. You pick!
493. You pick!
494. You pick!
495. You pick!
496. You pick!
497. You pick!
498. You pick!
499. You pick!
500. You pick!

My name is [Bad username: Insert Your Username Here], and I am addicted to fanfic challenges.

Hi, oskalaboska!

1.Ostentatiousness 2.Grudge 3.Gambling 4.Ingratitude
5.Dipsomania 6.Ambition 7.Dominance 8.Faithlessness
9.Manipulation 10.Stinginess 11.Pessimism 12.Hostility
13.Abuse 14.Debasement 15.Sexual Lust 16.Sarcasm
17.Humiliation 18.Jealousy 19.Gluttony 20.Unruliness
21.Hurt 22.Cruelty 23.Unkindness 24.Obstinacy
25.Envy 26.Indifference 27.Negativity 28.Furtiveness
29.Sadism 30.Enviousness 31.Derision 32.Falseness
33.High-handedness 34.Know-it-all 35.Rage 36.Aggression
37.Rapacity 38.Effrontery 39.Disrespectfulness 40.Hard-heartedness
41.Eagerness for Power 42.Lying 43.Insidiousness 44.Self-denial
45.Inattentiveness 46.Contempt 47.Wrath 48.Haughtiness
49.Greed for Money 50.Seducement 51.Vindictiveness 52.Insatiability
53.Voluptuousness 54.Excessiveness 55.Censoriousness 56.Dissatisfaction
57.Egoism 58.Ignorance 59.Hatred 60.Greed
61.Impudence 62.Imposture 63.Cursing 64.Imperiousness
65.Lecherousness 66.Callousness 67.Malignancy 68.Torment
69.Intolerance 70.Blasphemy 71.Shamelessness 72.Irresponsibility
73.Obsession 74.Prejudice 75.Arrogance 76.Violent Temper
77.Garrulity 78.Dogmatism 79.Presumption 80.Intransigence
81.Oppression 82.Prodigality 83.Lack of Understanding 84.Concealment of Wrongdoing
85.Pride 86.Conceitedness 87.Delusion 88.Quarrelsomeness
89.Self-hatred 90.Violence 91.Vanity 92.Hypocrisy
93.Stubbornness 94.Baseness 95.Pretense 96.Mercilessness
97.Disrespect 98.Ridicule 99.Masochism 100.Tyranny
101.Capriciousness 102.Deceit 103.Anger 104.Discord
105.Calculation 106.Unyielding 107.Desire for Fame 108.Deception

</span>Prompts:  Pounce!Porn Table "All work and No Play"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1001
This story contains: D/s elements, Voyeurism, Orgasm Denial, Devious!Hitsugaya and Fluff
Author's Note:  OMG I'm so late *crashes into furniture*  My only excuse is that my Granny is a conspiracy theorist and that my harddrive, which had the original story, died on me.  The original was so much hotter!  randomtwirler,  I hope you forgive me for since I kinda disregarded some ot the things you asked not to include in the story  (there is no crossdressing and I tried to keep them IC :)  I made it longer in an attempt at appeasement.

Summary:  Toushirou truly is the master of persuasion.



Ichigo closes his eyes and lets out a soft groan, his body tense as he tries, and fails, to hold back a full-body shudder.

 "You're not finished yet."  A husky whisper says in his ear.  The feeling of that warm breath creates a shudder grows through Ichigo's body.

Ichigo leans back in the chair, causing his houseguest to move away from behind him.  His swivel around in the chair to scowl "That's because someone keeps distracting me." Ichigo quickly moves his neck and swivels the chair to face  Toushirou.  he resists the temptation to run his hand over the bruised area.  When his eyes meets Toushirou's, he finds himself heating under such an intense regard.

Toushirou moves and lays across the bed. "If someone had better study habits, he would have completed his homework at the beginning of summer break."   He rests his head on his left arm and stares intensely at Ichigo with an amused upturn of eyebrow."And not be rushing to complete it when his workaholic boyfriend comes to visit."

Ichigo twitches at the dig. "You should have told me you were coming." 


Toushirou lowers his head onto the pillow, "I tired.  You know that summer is a peak time for hollow activity"  He lifts his head off the pillow. 


And Ichigo does konw it.  He couldn't go anywhere without coming upon one.  It totally ruined the community pool for him and his friends. He couldn't help but sigh in aggravation.  It really isn't Toushirou's fault.  Ichigo did make a big deal about Toushioru coming to visit him before the break was over.  The fact that he was able to come at all is a miracle, but that still doesn't make it better knowing that Toushirou freed himself for a whole two days, and Ichigo is stuck catching up on his summer assignments before they are due on Monday.


Ichigo turns back to his unfinished schoolwork. After a few minutes Ichigo, sighs in frustration. His mind is unable to focus due to Toushirou's stare hitting him in the head, and the cool tendils that periodically slide up his legs.  Ichigo throws his pen across desk and swivels towards the bed.  "Can't you, like go and visit someone or something?"


Toushirou calmy continues to stare at Ichigo.  "No"


"Well, then can't you keep it in a little?" 


"I could,"  Toushirou replies, not moving from his spot "But why should I."  he says as Ichigo simulationeously feels half hard erection surrounded in heat. 


Ichigo gasps.  his gasps changes to a moan at the feeling of being gripped.    Ichigo opens his eyes to find himself staring into Toushirou's eyes, no longer green but ice blue due to his reiatsu usage


"I thought I was the one with control issues." Ichigo chokes out


"A person can't be in control all the time.  Plus, I have an excuse."


"Wha.."  Ichigo is trying to focus on what Tousirou is saying but is begin distracted by the reiatsu moving teasingly along his  hard on.  Feeling almost tongue-like


"I'm horny and my boyfriend is denying me for work."


"That's, "  a large pull causes him to gasps, "that's not a " another pull " good reason." he rushes out"


"It isn't"  Toushirou face is innocently shocked.  "And all those times I capitulated."  Ichigo opens his eyesb to glare.  "I guess i should stop?" Toushirou says playfully.  Ichigo fells the pressure loose and the warmth drift away


"NO!" Ichigo gets up from his chair and looms above the placid captain. "If you stop I'll..." Ichigo cries out and and almost falls to his knees when the tongue-like felling moves between his cheeks..


Toushirou reaches up an pulls Ichigo down to the bed and looks at his handywork.  Ichigo's hands are tightly gripping the blue bed covers.  his head is thrown back, eyes closed face taunt in pleasure, mouth gasping, his head turn proudly displaying the bruise Toushirou gave him minutes eariler.  his hips are jerking upward in a pleading motion, legs parted as wide as they could go. Ichigo turns his head to face him proudly displaying his newly bruised mark.  Brown eyes flutter open and stare up at him.  The lust, the desire, the silent plea in those eyes causes a shudder to run through Toushirou.


The feeling of being rimmed changes to one of being penetrated


Dimly, ichigo is aware the Toushirou has now left the bed.  Part of him panics because it would not be the first time that Toushirou has gotten him off without touching him."Tou...*gasp*  shirou" he gets out.  hes getting closer to the edge and he knows it.  his prostate can't take much more.  "Toushirou, please."


Toushirou moves to ichigo's legs and gently pulls off the sweat pants.  He watches as Ichigo's arms shakily reaches out towards him. and hurriedly pulls off his clothes, leaving them to puddle at his feet. "Shhh.  "


Ichi is shivering for the phantom pounding into his body along with the cold in the air.



Unconsciously, Ichigo's leg moves around Toushirou, trying to graw him closer, trying to tell Toushirou thatr


"Let go."It was the command in Toushirou's voice in his ear along with .


Ichigo's spent.  " " Toushirou says his mouth meeting Ichigo's, His kissed Ichigo in a slow chaste way, his lips kingering against Ichigo's as his with the fact that his fingers were penetrating Ichigo .

"You need to show me how to do that." Ichigo says once he gets his breath back.  He slightly winces as another finger is added.



 Toushirou smiles and nods his head..


Daily Writings

"Princess, We don't have much time."  Sheik's voice is heard before the royal could even see his face. 

Remembering the emergency procedures that her two guardians had drilled into her from all the years
Turning his head, he spits out blood before he speaks/ "Princess, the Hero mustn't learn of this."
"But Sheik-"
"No."  His eyes bright with conviction."The Hero has already lost much during his journey.  He doesn't need the added weight of my death on his shoulder.  Also," he stops, his eyes glowing in amusement, "I'm one of the Shadows.  It's right that I go this way."
"What about when he returns." Zelda says, the unsteady note in her voice telling of her impeding grief at the loss of her only friend.
"Your Highness, you already know how what you must do."
Eyes big blue and glassy, Zelda wipes her eyes with the back of her sleeve.
"You know.... Zelda, he's a beautiful as you said he was." He friend smiles